Emotional, gut-wrenching, but still incredibly hopeful, National Park Radio’s music reverberates important themes about life, love, and difficult choices, all while echoing the enduring beauty of the band’s deep-seated roots in the Ozark Mountains.

Formed in northern Arkansas in 2012, National Park Radio, headed by singer/songwriter Stefan Szabo, have infused the music scene with their unique brand of indie-folk music.

Emerging from the shadows cast by giants Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and The Avett Brothers, NPR offers the indie-folk world something a little different:

An outstanding blend of incisive songwriting and organic Americana charm alongside a DIY independent lifestyle and a heritage in genuine mountain music.

Szabo (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) self-produced the band’s EP back in 2013, and National Park Radio has never looked back.  Initially, the music spread like mountain wildfire throughout the region, earning the band a substantial and incredibly loyal following in their home region.

With 2020 came more new music in the form of a 5-song EP titled “The Road Ahead” – a collection of songs that speak to the heart of where National Park Radio needs to be: Adventures on the open road, interacting with fans, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

National Park Radio’s fan base continues to grow nationally and internationally, as they tour and create new music that feeds the soul of adventure and independence. Stay tuned for more new music from National Park Radio coming soon!

*Tonight’s preshow will be the Heber Valley Jazz Ensemble.


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