Tadler Hoopes Center for Healing

~~ About My Practice ~~
Are you ready to take that first step towards healing? We are here to help. We provide a comprehensive functional and alternative medicine assessment and create a personalize path to health. We are here to inspire, educate and help along the way. We invite you to check out our website @ www.thc4healing.com
Scott C. Tadler, MD has 25 years of medical experience. And is known internationally for his research in neuroscience, more specifically with regard to depression treatment. Amanda Hoopes is a medium, psychic healer, health and nutrition coach. Together Amanda’s intuition and experience, her openness to patients and ability to connect, complement Scott’s ability to navigate complexity to find and institute effective approaches.
~~ What Patients Can Expect ~~
Patients should be at a place where they are ready to undertake the investment in themselves and to heal. This readiness derives from self reflection and ultimately self love. Love yourself enough to heal, from the toxins, trauma, and stresses of this world. You can expect that lifestyle changes will have an tremendous impact on enhancing health and even overcoming the effects of disease.
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