ImperfeKthings is a garage based artistic company that repurposes rare vintage silverware and other unique finds into very originally stylish jewelry, one of a kind rings, necklaces, bracelets & more!

ImperfeKthings was started by accident after my grandmother passed, I took her favorite morning coffee spoon and made it into a spoon ring. The 1st ring was more triangular than circular… and my grandmother always had said that “Life is a bunch of ImperfeKthings”. I was bartending at the time and decided to make a ring for every finger as practice. When I was bartending I would wear them and people started buying them straight off my hands and that has led me into a very successful business!

My name is Kaleb Harvey and I love art, but much more enjoy creating art! From jewelry, music, painting, building & crafting I have stumbled into the jewelry world. People always tell me that they can feel and see that I put a-lot of blood, sweat and sometimes tears into my work. I hunt down ultra rare vintage silverware, sometimes well over 100 years old and shape into jewelry that most times nobody realizes is actually flatware. I think of my work as good luck charms, talismans, protection or whatever type of symbolism that forms during the crafting process. My pieces are all older than me and most of my customers, and will outlive most of us as well. I’m not just creating art, I am creating treasures to be passed onto the next generations.

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