Heber Leadership Academy

Become a Leader in Your Community

Heber Leadership Academy provides a unique experience for individuals in the community to learn from local experts and key decision-makers while developing the skills and resources needed to shape the futures of their own businesses, organizations, and community.  Over the 9-month program, participants will expand their professional network and learn how to become more educated and involved in the community.

The Heber Leadership Academy runs from August 2022 through May 2023 with one class session each month.  All sessions will be held on one Thursday a month from 12 pm – 4 pm with lunch provided.  During sessions, participants will be introduced to influential community leaders, discuss hot topics and issues of concern to their city, acquire valuable access to information and resources to aid them in their own leadership endeavors, and gain an enhanced understanding of their community.  Many of the classes will include a tour of the facility hosting the session, which will vary month to month depending on the session topic.  Ages 18 and up welcome.  Visit envisionheber.com/leadership for an application and more information.

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